french glamour 09/2011: diana moldovan

french glamour september 2011
'le best of'
ph: james macari
model: diana moldovan



us marie claire 08/2011: katsia z.

us marie claire august 2011
'the rise of fall'
ph: tesh
model: katsia z.

french cosmopolitan 09/2011: diana timofeeva

french cosmopolitan september 2011
'tendances fortes'
ph: bruno barbazan
model: diana timofeeva


british harpers bazaar 09/2011: rianne ten haken

uk harpers bazaar september 2011
'love in the afternoon'
ph: kacper kasprzyk
model: rianne ten haken

british elle 09/2011: dioni tabbers

uk elle september 2011
'scent of a woman'
ph: karen collins'
model: dioni tabbers


marie france 09/2011: martyna sobolewska

marie france september 2011
'impressions d'ete'
ph: arthur belebeau
model: martyna sobolewska


plaza magazine: eva staudinger

plaza magazine
'manlight vs kvinnlight'
ph: mikael schulz
model: eva staudinger


all... magazine 008/2011: anne sophie monrad

all... magazine issue 008/2011
ph: gilad sasporta
model: anne sophie monrad

french l'officiel 08/2011: jessica miller

french l'officiel august 2011
ph: satoshi saikusa
model: jessica miller


trussardi jeans fw 2011: diana moldovan

trussardi fall winter 2011
model: diana moldovan

source: models.com

italian amica 08/2011: beegee

italian amica august 2011
'appunti di stagione'
ph: alessandro dal buoni
model: beegee