brigitte magazine 17th december 2013: elena todorchuk

brigitte magazine 01/2014 - 17th december 2013
'so heiƟ wie schnee'
ph: jo jankowski
model: elena todorchuk


russh 12-01/ 2013-2014: frida aasen

russh december/ january 2013/2014
'street racer. blue eyes. teenage dreams'
ph: hugh lippe
model: frida aasen

source: thefashionspot.com



exclusive male model scene portrait: daniel bederov

exclusive male model scene portrait
ph: jake senfeld
model: daniel bederov

source: malemodelscene.net

a christmas interview: antonia wesseloh opens door number 13!

a christmas interview
model: antonia wesseloh

What was your personal highlight from the last fashion week?
The chanel show of course. It is such an honour to work for such a fantastic brand. I think I have done more than 15 shows for them till now, more to come hopefully :)
Do you enjoy working on shootings or runway more?
I like runways more because you're with a lot of girls and it's always a lot of fun. i love shootings too though!
How would you personally describe your style?
My personal style is simple yet chic with a touch of rock'n roll
If you had to dress head-to-toe with one brand, which one would it be?
Depends on the occassion but if going to school or meeting friends probably Zara. As a model I like Burberry and Chanel very much.
Colour choice: Black or Brown?
Ah not easy :) I got to say i like both
Do you get to keep a few looks from shootings or shows as presents?
No, usually after the shows in New York models get some clothes as payment but not on shootings, unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I could stay in these amazing Valentino dresses and just keep on walking :)
Since you started working as a model, how would you say your view on the industry has changed?
You have definitely learned more about the industry. The rumours about models not eating or everyone in fashion being mean is totally prejudiced. Models love to eat same as any other person and there are plenty of super lovely people.
Are there moments you wish to be just a normal girl with a part-time job and going to school?
Of course there are! When I miss my family or my boyfriend or just staying at home doing nothing.
Vogue Cover or Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, what's your bigger dream?
I would love to do both, it`s hard to compare, because they are amazing in different ways.
Do you get more recognised by people on the streets now that you are an international model?
Sometimes I do but this doesn't happen very often.
Last question, what are you going to do on Christmas?
I am spending Christmas at home with my Family and boyfriend. And of course with my cat :) I love Christmas time


chanel pre-fall 2014

chanel pre-fall 2014
model: ashleigh good, esther heesch

usually not someone to quote but we couldn't have said it any better than style.com: in texas, they don't do anything small. neither does chanel
ashleigh good

esther heesch

source: style.com



british glamour 01/2014: line b.

british glamour january 2014
'it's a day night mash-up'
ph: david thomas smith
model: line b.

source: thefashionspot.com

shangay fashion & style: ruben cortada

shangay fashion & style magazine
ph: juanjo molina
model: ruben cortada


harrods magazine 12/ 2013: solange

harrods magazine jewellery december 2013
model: solange

source: thefashionspot.com

apart christmas 2013 ads: anja rubik

apart christmas 2013 ads
ph: marcin tyszka
stylist: agnieszka scibior
model: anja rubik

source: fashionerogue.com